Kerstviering en bedankje van DEET

We ontvingen van Deet mooie foto’s van hun kerstviering en daarbij een bedankje!

Dear Adopt Parents,
Wishing you all a happy and Joyful Christmas day! May you be together with all family
members and enjoy the peace and joy of Christmas. Love and greetings to all.
We had a wonderful Christmas day with all adopt children and their family members. It was a
great day together and was a very happy day. Children enjoyed the day thoroughly by playing,
being together with their friends and family members, participating in the cultural events, having
Christmas cake, meal and Christmas gifts, etc. The event brought lot of happiness and joy among
us and it was a great day. The teachers were very helpful in organizing the event. We prepared
good meal and served to all participants.
We are very grateful to SCSI for supporting us to have this wonderful event of Christmas.
Thanks to all adopt parents and donors who have given a donation for Christmas programme.
Thank you all for your love and affection for the children. Children are happy with their
Christmas clothes and gifts. Thank you for sharing the joy of Christmas with all your adopt
children and their families. Thank you very much.
Have a wonderful Christmas day.
With warm regards,
Prema and Antoni.

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